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Vol. XXX.1 Cover Volume XXX
Number 1
Spring 2016

Table of Contents for Volume XXX.1
  1. Introduction: Faulkner, New York by Robert Jackson3
  2. Faulkner and the Royal Air Force Canada, 1918 by Michael Zeitlin15
  3. Queer Formalism: Synesthetic Storytelling in Monique Truong and William Faulkner by Sara Gabler Thomas39
  4. The South Rises: Revenance, Region, and the Idea of Place in US Literary History by Peter Lurie63
  5. Forward Movement: William Faulkner’s “Letter to the North,” W. E. B. Du Bois’s Challenge, and The Reivers by Richard C. Moreland79
  6. Contributors105
  7. Text Abbreviations107

Vol. XXIX.2 Cover Volume XXIX
Number 2
Fall 2015

Table of Contents for Volume XXIX.2
  1. William Faulkner, Jean Toomer, and The Double Dealer: Close Connections of a Literary Kind by Anne MacMaster3
  2. Hurt So Bad: The Crisis of Female Embodiment in William Faulkner's Mosquitoes by Kristin Fujie 27
  3. "Room to Breathe": Narrative Anachrony and Suffocation in William Faulkner's "Pantaloon in Black" by Sarah E. Stunden49
  4. An Ethic of the White Southern Self: The Dialectics of Historical Identity and Individual Anonymity in Intruder in the Dust by Atsushi Marutani71
  5. "Ah kin pass wid anything": Blackness as Figural Excess in Faulkner's Go Down, Moses by Christina Thyssen 89
  6. Contributors109
  7. Text Abbreviations111

Vol. XXIX.1 Cover Volume XXIX
Number 1
Spring 2015

Table of Contents for Volume XXIX.1
  1. The Function of Function Words in William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying by Charles Hannon3
  2. Jethro Tull’s Protégée: Vernon Tull’s Helping Hand and the Equine Dialectic by Cliff Staebler23
  3. Crisis, Mimetic Desire, and Communal Violence in William Faulkner’s Sanctuary by Kevin G. Wilson49
  4. Emerson’s Sublime Pastoralism, Parody, and Second Sight in Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying by James E. Caron71
  5. Who Arose for Emily? by Timothy O’Brien101
  6. Contributors111
  7. Text Abbreviations113

Vol. XXVIII.2 Cover Volume XXVIII
Number 2
Fall 2014

Table of Contents for Volume XXVIII.2
  1. Property in Absalom, Absalom!: Rousseau’s Legacy in Faulkner by Julia Simon3
  2. Elegy, Effigy: Alchemy and the Displacement of Lament in As I Lay Dying by Libby Catchings25
  3. “Who was the woman?”: Feminine Space and the Shaping of Identity in The Sound and the Fury by Te Ma39
  4. The Smeller’s (Almost Always) A Feller: A Sensory Studies Approach to Examining Gender and Sexuality across Nine Faulkner Texts by Laura Davis53
  5. The Haitian Revolution in William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! and George Washington Cable’s The Grandissimes    by Adam Long79
  6. Contributors97
  7. Text Abbreviations99

Vol. XXVIII.1 Cover Volume XXVIII
Number 1
Spring 2014

Table of Contents for Volume XXVIII.1
  1. Introduction: Unknown Legends by Erik Dussere3
  2. Dark Mirrors: Sanctuary’s Noir Vision by Mark Osteen 11
  3. Grayscale Summation, 1948: Intruder in the Dust in Its Noir Contexts by Robert Jackson37
  4. Inscrutable Images and Cultural Migrations: Wartime Noir and the Compson Appendix by Ben Robbins 55
  5. The Mansion as Soft-Boiled Noir by Kristopher Mecholsky79
  6. Contributors95
  7. Text Abbreviations97

Vol. XXVII.2 Cover Volume XXVII
Number 2
Fall 2013

Table of Contents for Volume XXVII.2
  1. Faulkner’s Dirty Little Secret: I Am Temple Drake by Julianna Leachman3
  2. A Sound “Almost Human”: Trauma, Anthropocentric Authority, and Nonhuman Otherness in Go Down, Moses by Tony M.Vinci 23
  3. Faulkner’s Beauchamps’ Warwick by Gorman Beauchamp45
  4. Fatherless Children and Post-Patrilineal Futures in William Faulkner’s Light in August, Absalom, Absalom! and Go Down, Moses by Mary Paniccia Carden51
  5. "Put a Mississippian in Alcohol and You Have a Gentleman": Respectable Manhood in William Faulkner’s Sanctuary by Crystal Gorham Doss77
  6. Contributors91
  7. Text Abbreviations93

Vol. XXVII.1 Cover Volume XXVII
Number 1
Spring 2013

Table of Contents for Volume XXVII.1
  1. "The Faint Plinking of a Guitar": Faulkner’s Forgotten Bluesman and the Power of Vernacular in If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem by Tim A. Ryan3
  2. Hollywood and Gaming, Simulation and Secrecy: The Postsouthern in Knight's Gambit by Taylor Hagood29
  3. "Aint None of Us Pure Crazy": Queering Madness in As I Lay Dying by Marybeth Southard47
  4. A Circlin' Buzzard: Positioning in Quentin's Narrative by Heather Fox65
  5. Revising the Southern Myth: Persephone Violated in Faulkner's Sanctuary and McCarthy's Child of God by Chad M. Jewett77
  6. Joseph Leo Blotner (1923-2012) by James B. Carothers97
  7. Contributors99
  8. Text Abbreviations101

Vol. XXVI.2 Cover Volume XXVI
Number 2
Fall 2012

Table of Contents for Volume XXVI.2
  1. Note from the Editor by Martin Kreiswirth3
  2. Haunting the Good Neighbor: Faulkner's Caribbean Imagination in Go Down, Moses by Bethany Aery Clerico5
  3. A Speculative Note on The Mansion's Myra Allanovna by Merrill Horton27
  4. Commodifying Freedom: Horses in The Hamlet by Lance Langdon31
  5. History of Benjy's Fence in The Sound and the Fury by Edward Belk Perry51
  6. Ghostwritten: Kinship and History in Absalom, Absalom! by Jessica Hurley61
  7. Noel Polk (1943-2012)81
  8. Contributors83
  9. Text Abbreviations85

Volume XXVI Cover Volume XXVI
Number 1
Spring 2012

Table of Contents for Volume XXVI.1
  1. Introduction: Faulkner and the Metropolis by Peter Lurie3
  2. The City Specter: William Faulkner and the Threat of Urban Encroachment by Anne Hirsch Moffitt17
  3. "Same as a Nigger on an Excursion": Memphis, Black Migration, and White Flight in Sanctuary by Cheryl Lester37
  4. Vernacular Kinship, the creole City, and Faulkner's "New Orleans" by Cynthia Dobbs57
  5. "The Megaphone's Bellowing and Bodiless Profanity": If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem and the Culture of Cacophony by Phil Smith75
  6. Pylon and the rise of European Fascism by Michael Zeitlin97
  7. Faulkner's Paris: State and Metropole in A Fable by Barbara Ladd115
  8. Contributors129
  9. Text Abbreviations131

Volume XXV Cover Volume XXV
Number 2
Spring 2010

Table of Contents for Volume XXV.2
  1. Introduction by Terrell L. Tebbetts3
  2. “A man with such an appearance was capable of anything”: Imaginary Rape and the Violent “Other” in Faulkner’s “Dry September” and Oz’s “Nomad and Viper” by Kathaleen Amende9
  3. Turtles All the Way Down: Foundation, Edifice, and Ruin in Faulkner and McCarthy by Robert Rudnicki23
  4. The Slow Burn of Masculinity in Faulkner’s Hearth and Morrison’s Oven by Jennie J. Joiner53
  5. Discourse and Identity in Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying and Swift’s Last Orders by Terrell L. Tebbetts69
  6. Contributors89
  7. Text Abbreviations91

Volume XXV Cover Volume XXV
Number 1
Fall 2009

Table of Contents for Volume XXV.1
  1. “This is Jefferson’s trouble”: An Alternative Reading of Community in Light in August by Claude Pruitt3
  2. Textual Duration against Chronological Time: Graphing Memory in Faulkner’s Benjy Section by Marjorie Pryse15
  3. “The clotting which is you”: Adorno, Faulkner, and the Aesthetics of Negativity by Christopher Langlois47
  4. Eating Faulkner Eating Baudelaire: Multiple Rewritings and Cultural Cannibalism by Scott G. Williams65
  5. Honor: James Gray Watson, 1939-2010 by James B. Carothers85
  6. Contributors87
  7. Text Abbreviations89

Volume XXIV Cover Faulkner and Death
Volume XXIV
Number 2
Spring 2009

Table of Contents for Volume XXIV.2
  1. Preface by John T. Matthews3
  2. “No such thing as was”: The Fetishized Corpse, Modernism, and As I Lay Dying by Tamara Slankard7
  3. (Dis)figuring the Dead: Embalming and Autopsy in Absalom, Absalom! by Tim Bielawski29
  4. “The unsleeping cabal”: Faulkner’s Fevered Vampires and the Other South by Michelle E. Moore55
  5. “Dont play no blues”: Race, Music, and Mourning in Faulkner’s Sanctuary by Erich Nunn77
  6. Contributors99
  7. Text Abbreviations101

Volume XXIV Cover Faulkner: Beyond the U.S.
Volume XXIV
Number 1
Fall 2008

Table of Contents for Volume XXIV.1
  1. Introduction: Faulkner and Translation by Barbara Ladd3
  2. Faulkner, ФоЛКНep, Folkner, Fokner: A Case Study of Slavic-Anglophone Translatability by Sanja Bahun11
  3. Faulkner, Borges, and the Translation of The Wild Palms: The Evolution of Borges’s Theory Concerning
    the Role of the Reader in the Game of Literature by Earl E. Fitz and Ezra E. Fitz29
  4. William Faulkner in Germany: A Survey by Peter Nicolaisen and Daniel Göske63
  5. The Making of a French Faulkner: A Reflection on Translation by François Pitavy83
  6. William Faulkner and the Romanian “Criticism of Survival” by Ana-Karina Schneider99
  7. Beyond: André Bleikasten, 1933-2009119
  8. Contributors121
  9. Text Abbreviations123

Volume XXIII Cover Volume XXIII
Number 2
Spring 2008

Table of Contents for Volume XXIII.2
  1. Racial Mixture, Racial Passing, and White Subjectivity in Absalom, Absalom! by Masami Sugimori3
  2. Terrorizing Whiteness in Yoknapatawpha County by Sharon Desmond Paradiso23
  3. Remembering Aunt Callie and Mr. William by Ginger Rue43
  4. Beyond Silence and Realism: Trauma and the Function of Ghosts in Absalom, Absalom! and Beloved by Peter Ramos47
  5. Texts, Contexts . . . and a Curious Lacuna by Donald M. Kartiganer67
  6. Cumulative Index to The Faulkner Journal by Linda S. Hargreaves85
  7. Contributors109
  8. Text Abbreviations110

Volume XXIII Cover Volume XXIII
Number 1
Fall 2007

Table of Contents for Volume XXIII.1
  1. Bear, Man, and Black: Hunting the Hidden in Faulkner's Big Woods by Richard Godden3
  2. The End of the Line in "Pennsylvania Station" by Gene M. Moore27
  3. Burying the Regional Mother: Faulkner's Road to Race through the Visual Arts by Candace Waid37
  4. Contributors93
  5. Text Abbreviations94

Volume XXII CoverFaulkner and Whiteness
Volume XXII
Numbers 1 & 2
Fall 2006/Spring 2007

Table of Contents for Volume XXII.1 & XXII.2
  1. Introduction: Situating Whiteness in Faulkner Studies, Situating Faulkner in Whiteness Studies by Jay Watson3
  2. Negotiating the Marble Bonds of Whiteness: Hybridity and Imperial Impulse in Faulkner by Taylor Hagood24
  3. Absalom, Absalom! and the Semiotic Other by J. G. Brister39
  4. Signifying, Ordering, and Containing the Chaos: Whiteness, Ideology, and Language in Intruder in the Dust by Masami Sugimori54
  5. Queering Whiteness, Queering Faulkner: Hightower’s "Wild Bulges" by Alfred J. López74
  6. Passing as Miscegenation: Whiteness and Homoeroticism in Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! by Betina Entzminger90
  7. "A Strange Nigger": Faulkner and the Minstrel Performance of Whiteness by John N. Duvall106
  8. Bourgeois Blues: Class, Whiteness, and Southern Gothic in Early Faulkner and Caldwell by Louis Palmer120
  9. Moonshine and Magnolias: The Story of Temple Drake and The Birth of a Nation by Deborah Barker140
  10. White Disavowal, Black Enfranchisement, and the Homoerotic in William Faulkner’s Light in August by Aliyyah I. Abdur-Rahman176
  11. American Emergencies: Whiteness, the National Guard, and Light in August by Chuck Jackson193
  12. Contributors209
  13. Text Abbreviations211

Volume XXI Cover Faulkner and Ideology
Volume XXI
Numbers 1 & 2
Fall 2005/Spring 2006

Table of Contents for Volume XXI.1 & XXI.2
  1. Faulkner and Ideology: Reflections on Critical Subjects by Kevin Railey3
  2. The Ideology of Autonomy: Form and Function in As I Lay Dying by Ted Atkinson15
  3. As They Lay Dying: Rural Depopulation and Social Dislocation as a Structure of Feeling by Cheryl Lester28
  4. "All that glitters": Reappraising "Golden Land" by D. Matthew Ramsey51
  5. The Ideological Function of the God-Concept in Faulkner's Light in August by Michael Lackey66
  6. Beyond the Old Marshal: “Patriotic Nonsense,” the Vernacular Cosmopolitan, and Faulkner's Fiction of the Early 1940s
    by Theresa M. Towner
  7. Media, Ideology, and the Role of Literature in Pylon by Taylor Hagood107
  8. "With Judgment Reserved": Reading Both Predictably and Unpredictably in William Faulkner's Light in August and
    The Wild Palms by Michael Fenrick
  9. The American Interior: Identity and Commercial Culture in Faulkner's Late Novels by Mauri Skinfill133
  10. "Aghast and Uplifted": William Faulkner and the Absence of History by Wade Newhouse145
  11. Contributors167
  12. Text Abbreviations169

Volume XX Cover
Faulkner, Memory, History
Volume XX
Numbers 1 & 2
Fall 2004/Spring 2005

Table of Contents for Volume XX.1 & XX.2
  1. Introduction: Faulkner, Memory, History by Susan V. Donaldson3
  2. Racial Wounding and the Aesthetics of the Middle Voice in Absalom, Absalom! and Go Down, Moses by Minrose C. Gwin21
  3. "Ruin or Landmark": Black Bodies as Lieux de Mémoire in The Sound and the Fury by Cynthia Dobbs35
  4. "Sad Generations Seeking Water": The Social Construction of Madness in O(phelia) and Q(uentin Compson) by Erin Campbell53
  5. "Memory Believes Before Knowing Remembers": The Insistence of the Past and Lacan's Unconscious Desire in Light in August
    by Evelyn Jaffe Schreiber
  6. Bonds that Shackle: Memory, Violence, and Freedom in The Unvanquished by Peter Sharpe85
  7. The Poetics of Ruptured Mnemosis: Telling Encounters in William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom! by Clifford E. Wulfman111
  8. Black Feminism and the Canon: Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom! and Morrison's Beloved as Gothic Romances by Philip Goldstein133
  9. Querying the Modernist Canon: Historical Consciousness and the Sexuality of Suffering in Faulkner and Hart Crane
    by Peter Lurie
  10. The Radiance of the Fake: Pylon's Postmodern Narrative of Disease by Joshua Gaylord177
  11. Contributors197
  12. Text Abbreviations199

Volume XIX-II Cover
Volume XIX
Number 2
Spring 2004

Table of Contents for XIX.2
  1. Faulkner's Big Picture Book: Word and Image in The Marionettes by Randall S. Wilhelm3
  2. Justice as He Saw It: Gavin Stevens in Knight's Gambit by Lorie Watkins Fulton25
  3. Masculinity, Menace, and American Mythologies of Race in Faulkner's Anti-Heroes by Lisa K. Nelson49
  4. "Anguish for the Sake of Anguish"--Faulkner and his Dostoevskian Allusion by Maria R. Bloshteyn69
  5. Faulkner, Balzac, and The Word by Merrill Horton91
  6. As They Lay Dying; or Why We Should Teach, Write, and Read Eudora Welty Instead of, Because of, as Often
    as William Faulkner by Rebecca Mark
  7. Contributors121
  8. Text Abbreviations123

Volume XIX CoverVolume XIX
Number 1
Fall 2003

Table of Contents for Volume XIX.1
  1. The Widow of Windsor and the Spinster of Jefferson: A Possible Source for Faulkner's Emily Grierson by Gary L. Kriewald3
  2. Go Down, Moses and Intruder in the Dust: From Negative to Positive Liberty by Carl Dimitri11
  3. Perception and Destruction of Being in As I Lay Dying by Homer B. Pettey27
  4. Sanctuary, Marriage, and the Status of Women in 1920s America by Terrell Tebbetts47
  5. Bridging the Gulf: An Analysis of a Brazilian Translation of Faulkner's The Wild Palms by Daniel C. Richardson61
  6. Contributors77
  7. Text Abbreviations79

Volume XVIII Cover
Faulkner's Indians
Volume XVIII
Numbers 1 and 2
Fall 2002/Spring 2003

Table of Contents for Volume XVIII.1 & XVIII.2
  1. Introduction: Faulkner's Incorrect "Indians"? by Gene M. Moore3
  2. The Construction of Faulkner's Indians by Patricia Galloway9
  3. Faulkner's Indians and the Romantic Vision by Robert Woods Sayre33
  4. Chronological Problems in Faulkner's "Wilderness" Stories by Gene M. Moore51
  5. The Grotesque Economics of Tragicomedy: Cultural Colonization in Faulkner's "Red Leaves" by Karen Rhodes69
  6. Red Slippers and Cottonmouth Moccasins: White Anxieties in Faulkner's Indian Stories by Robert Dale Parker81
  7. Indigenous Doom: Colonial Mimicry in Faulkner's Indian Tales by Bruce G. Johnson101
  8. Going Native in Yoknapatawpha: Faulkner's Fragmented America and "The Indian" by Jay S. Winston129
  9. Faulkner's Indians, or The Poetics of Cannibalism by Peter Lancelot Mallios143
  10. The Men Who Killed the Deer: Faulkner and Frank Waters by Benjamin S. Lawson179
  11. Contributors191
  12. Text Abbreviations193

Volume XVII Cover
Volume XVII
Number 2
Spring 2002

Table of Contents for Volume XVII.2
  1. The Eye of a Needle: Morrison's Paradise, Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!, and the American Jeremiad by Jill C. Jones3
  2. A Fable . . . Whispering about the Wars by Richard Godden25
  3. Contributors89
  4. Text Abbreviations91

Volume XVII-I Cover
Volume XVII
Number 1
Fall 2001

Table of Contents for Volume XVII.1
  1. Aesthetic Ideology in Faulkner's Mosquitoes: A Cultural History by Ted Atkinson3
  2. Humorously Masculine--or Humor as Masculinity--in Light in August by Deborah Clarke19
  3. The Debts of History: Southern Honor, Affirmative Action, and Faulkner's Intruder in the Dust by Erik Dussere37
  4. Quentin Compson's Suicide: A Source in Balzac by Merrill Horton59
  5. Monuments and Footprints: The Mythology of Flem Snopes by Owen Robinson69
  6. Contributors87
  7. Text Abbreviations89

Volume XVI-III CoverVolume XVI
Number 3
Fall 2000/Spring 2001

Table of Contents for Volume XVI.3
  1. Testing Masculinity in the Snopes Trilogy by Noel Polk3
  2. Black Female Absence and the Construction of White Womanhood in Faulkner's Light in August by Beth Widmaier23
  3. Miscegenated Time: The Spectral Body, Race, and Temporality in Light in August by Krister Friday41
  4. Constructing the Female Gaze in Faulkner's "Mountain Victory" by Bradley A. Johnson65
  5. Faulkner Criticism: A Partial View by Donald M. Kartiganer81
  6. Cumulative Index to The Faulkner Journal by Linda S. Hargreaves99
  7. Contributors115
  8. Text Abbreviations117

Volume XVI Cover Faulkner and Film
Volume XVI
Numbers 1 and 2
Fall 2000/Spring 2001

Table of Contents for Volume XVI.1 & XVI.2
  1. Faulkner Writ Large/ Faulkner Ritt Small by Edwin T. Arnold3
  2. "Lifting the Fog": Faulkners, Reputations, and The Story of Temple Drake by D. Matthew Ramsey7
  3. Putting Images into Words: Elements of the "Cinematic" in William Faulkner's Prose by Doug Baldwin35
  4. "I don't seem to remember a girl in the story": Hollywood's Disruption of Faulkner's All-Male Narrative in Today We Live by Dallas Hulsey 65
  5. The Curious Case of Faulkner's "The De Gaulle Story" by Robert W. Hamblin79
  6. A Film for Emily by Gene M. Moore87
  7. Faulkner and Water Imagery in Barton Fink by Scott Yarbrough95
  8. Intruder in the Dust from Novel to Movie: The Development of Chick Mallison by Stephanie Li105
  9. Faulkner in a Haystack: The Search for William Faulkner's Television Adaptations of "The Brooch" and "Shall Not Perish"
    by William Furry
  10. "The Brooch" by William Faulkner149
  11. "Shall Not Perish" by William Faulkner181
  12. Contributors217
  13. Text Abbreviations219

Volume XV Cover Faulkner and Masculinity
Volume XV
Numbers 1 and 2
Fall 1999/Spring 2000

Table of Contents for Volume XV.1 & XV.2
  1. Introduction: Faulkner and Masculinity by Susan V. Donaldson3
  2. Who's Afraid of the Corncob Man? Masculinity, Race, and Labor in the Preface to Sanctuary by Sondra Guttman15
  3. "There's a man with a gun over there": Faulkner's Hijackings of Masculine Popular Culture by Walter Wenska35
  4. "Turnabout" is Fair(y)Play: Faulkner's Queer War Story by D. Matthew Ramsey61
  5. Love of Masculinity by Thomas Loebel83
  6. Masculinity As/In Comic Performance in As I Lay Dying and The Sound and the Fury by Harriet Hustis107
  7. A Masculinity of Faded Blue: V.K. Ratliff and Faulkner's Creation of Transpositional Space by David Rogers125
  8. Little Men in Faulkner's "Barn Burning" and The Reivers by Caroline Miles151
  9. Parody or Pastiche? Kathy Acker, Toni Morrison, and the Critical Appropriation of Faulknerian Masculinity by John N. Duvall169
  10. Why I Can't Read Faulkner: Reading and Resisting Southern White Masculinity by Carlos L. Dews185
  11. Contributors199
  12. Text Abbreviations201

Volume XIV Cover
Vol. XIV
Number 2
Spring 1999

Table of Contents for Volume XIV.2
  1. "Where you want to go now": Recharting the Scene Shifts in the First Section of The Sound and the Fury by Robert Dale Parker3
  2. The Policing and Proliferation of Desire: Gender and the Homosocial in Sanctuary by Charmaine Eddy21
  3. Absalom, Absalom! and the Southern Ideology of Race by Kevin Railey41
  4. The Birth of Tragedy from the Spirit of the Blues: Philosophy and History in If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem by Patrick McHugh57
  5. Earthing The Hamlet, an Anti-Ratliffian Reading by Richard Godden75
  6. Contributors117
  7. Text Abbreviations119

Volume XIV CoverVolume XIV
Number 1
Fall 1998

Table of Contents for Volume XIV.1
  1. Postwar Play: Gender Performatives in Faulkner's Soldiers' Pay by Jacquelyn Scott Lynch3
  2. Intruder in the Text: Faulkner's Djuna Barnes by Thomas Carmichael21
  3. "All That Matters Is That I Wrote The Letters": Discourse, Discipline, and Difference in Requiem for a Nun by Kelly Lynch Reames31
  4. Faulkner's Poetics of Heat: Summer's Curse by Marie H. Liénard53
  5. And Now What's to Do: Faulkner, Reading, Praxis by Jay Watson67
  6. A Possible Source for Faulkner's Flem and Byron Snopes by Merrill Horton75
  7. Contributors79
  8. Text Abbreviations81

Volume XIII CoverFaulkner the Reiver
Volume XIII
Numbers 1 and 2
Fall 1997/Spring 1998

Table of Contents for Volume XIII.1 & XIII.2
  1. Introduction: Reiving and Writing by Joseph R. Urgo3
  2. Faulkner and Queneau: Raymond Queneau's Preface to Moustiques by Suzanne Chamier15
  3. Artistic Self-Theft as Obsession and Creative Transformation: The "Memphis" Stories and Beyond by Robert Woods Sayre37
  4. Returning to Freud and The Sound and the Fury by Michael Zeitlin57
  5. "The Storm-Tossed Heart of Man": Echoes of "Nausicaa" in Quentin's Section of The Sound and the Fury by Joseph Csicsila77
  6. Willa Cather's Death Comes for the Archbishop and William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury by Merrill M. Skaggs89
  7. Sweeney Among the Bootleggers: Echoes of Eliot in Faulkner's Sanctuary by Christopher D. Campbell101
  8. The Designs of Faulkner's "Yoknapatawpha Saga" and Balzac's Human Comedy by Jaques Pothier111
  9. Faulkner, Galsworthy, and the Burgeois Apocalypse by Jon Smith133
  10. William Faulkner, T.S. Stribling, Trilogistic Intertextuality and the Politics of Criticism by Judith Bryant Wittenberg149
  11. "The Strength of Imaginative Idiom": From Lord Dunsany's to Faulkner's "Carcassonne" by Beatriz Vegh163
  12. Contributors171
  13. Text Abbreviations173

Volume XII CoverVolume XII
Number 2
Spring 1997

Table of Contents for Volume XII.2
  1. Caddy and the Infinite Loop: The Dynamics of Alcoholism in The Sound and the Fury by Gary Storhoff3
  2. Reterritorializing Desire: The Failure of Ceremony in Absalom, Absalom! by Gina L. Hicks23
  3. Agricultural Adjustment, Revenants, Remnants, and Counter-Revolution in Faulkner's "The Fire and the Hearth"
    by Richard Godden
  4. Contextualizing Faulkner's Intruder in the Dust: Sherlock Holmes, Chick Mallison, Decolonization, and Change
    by Richard C. Moreland
  5. Pulp Fictions: Reading Faulkner for the 21st Century by Catherine Gunther Kodat69
  6. "old Catothers' doomed and fatal blood": The Layers of the Ledgers in Go Down, Moses by Evelyn Jaffe Schreiber87
  7. Faulkner's Kentucky Derby Homage to Einstein by Eric Bledsoe89
  8. Contributors97
  9. Text Abbreviations99

Volume XII Cover
Volume XII
Number 1
Fall 1996

Table of Contents for Volume XII.1
  1. The Tangled Webs We Weave: Faulkner Scholarship and the Significance of Addie Bundren's Monologue by Harriet Hustis3
  2. "It's a outrage": Pregnancy and Abortion in Faulkner's Fiction of the Thirties by Katherine Henninger23
  3. Faulkner, the Interwar Gold Standard, and the Discourses of Value in the 1930's by Arthur A. VanderVeen43
  4. Meaning, Mourning, and the Form of Modern Narrative: The Inscription of Loss in Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury
    by Phillip Novak
  5. Be Careful What You Wish For: As I Lay Dying and the Shaming of Abjection by Paul Luís Calkins91
  6. Contributors111
  7. Text Abbreviations113

Volume XI Cover
A Latin American Faulkner
Volume XI
Numbers 1 and 2
Fall 1995/Spring 1996

Table of Contents for Volume XI.1 & XI.2
  1. Preface by Michel Gresset3
  2. Introduction: A Latin American Faulkner by Beatriz Vegh5
  3. An Unsigned Prologue by Jorge Luis Borges11
  4. The Novel as Tragedy: William Faulkner by Carlos Fuentes13
  5. Carlos Fuentes Vis-à-vis William Faulkner: Novel, Tragedy, History by Jean Bessière33
  6. An Interview with Ricardo Piglia by María del Carmen Hernández et al43
  7. Deep Breathing: Faulknerian Reflections on Ricardo Piglia's Artificial Respiration by Joseph Urgo51
  8. An Interview with Juan José Saer by Gabriel Saad59
  9. Nature, Postmodernity, and Real Marvelous: Faulkner, Quiroga, Mallea, Rulfo, Carpentier by Mark Frisch67
  10. Faulkner in Latin America by Antonio C. Márquez83
  11. Voices from the South, Voices of the Souths: Faulkner, García Márquez, Vargas Llosa, Borges by Jacques Pothier101
  12. Is García Márquez the Colombian Faulkner? by Florence Delay and Jacqueline de Labriolle119
  13. William Faulkner and Juan Carlos Onetti: Revisiting Some Critical Approaches about a Literary Affinity by Omar Prego139
  14. Juan Carlos Onetti: A Voice That Has Not Sounded (Editorial Appendix)146
  15. Marriages of Speaking and Hearing: Mediation and Response in Absalom, Absalom! and Grande Sertão: Veredas
    by Luiz Fernando Valente
  16. The Wild Palms and Las palmeras salvajes: The Southern Counterpoint Faulkner/Borges by Beatriz Vegh165
  17. William Faulkner's Works Translated into Spanish (Editorial Chart)181
  18. Editorial Bibliography185
  19. Contributors195
  20. Text Abbreviations199

Volume X CoverVolume X
Number 2
Spring 1995

Table of Contents for Volume X.2
  1. “How can a black man ask?”: Race and Self-Representation in Faulkner’s Later Fiction by Theresa M. Towner3
  2. Diving into the Wreck: Faulknerian Practice and the Imagination of Slavery by Philip M. Weinstein23
  3. “You cant beat a woman”: The Preoedipal Mother in Light in August by Doreen Fowler55
  4. From Goddess to “Galmeat”: Narrative Politics and Narrative Desire in Faulkner’s Novels by Andrea Dimino65
  5. “Because we were forever free”: Slavery and Emancipation in The Unvanquished by Peter Nicolaisen81
  6. Contributors93
  7. Text Abbreviations95

Volume X CoverVolume X
Number 1
Fall 1994

Table of Contents for Volume X.1
  1. The Logic of Anti-Capitalism in The Sound and the Fury by Philip J. Hanson3
  2. Faulkner, Franklin, and the Sons of the Father by Mauri Skinfill29
  3. Echoing “Pantaloon in Black” in Chinese by Xian Liu57
  4. Reification, Dereification, Subjectivity: Towards a Marxist Reading of William Faulkner’s Poor-White Topography by Tony Fabijancic75
  5. Contributors95
  6. Text Abbreviations97

Volume IX CoverFaulkner and Sexuality
Volume IX
Numbers 1 & 2
Fall 1993/Spring 1994

Table of Contents for Volume IX.1 and IX.2
  1. Faulkner and Sexuality by Susan V. Donaldson3
  2. “A Perversion That Builds Chartres and Invents Lear Is a Pretty Good Thing”: Mosquitoes and Faulkner’s Androgynous Imagination
    by Lisa Rado
  3. Mosquitoes’ Missing Bite: The Four Deletions by Minrose C. Gwin31
  4. The Bug That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Sex, Art, Faulkner’s Worst Novel, and the Critics by Meryl Altman43
  5. Machines and Machinations: Controlling Desires in Faulkner’s Sanctuary by Amy Lovell Strong69
  6. What’s Love Got to Do With It? Desire and Subjectivity in Faulkner’s Snopes Trilogy by Evelyn Jaffe Schreiber83
  7. Feminine Rebellion and Mimicry in Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying by Amy Louise Wood99
  8. The “Incredibly Loud . . . Miss-fire”: A Sexual Reading of Go Down, Moses by Neil Watson113
  9. What Does Faulkner Want? Light in August as a Hysterical Male Text by Cathy Peppers125
  10. “I am dying”: Faulkner’s Hightower and the Oedipal Moment by Doreen Fowler139
  11. Overdoing Masculinity in Light in August; or, Joe Christmas and the Gender Guard by Jay Watson149
  12. Contributors179
  13. Text Abbreviations181

Volume VIII CoverVolume VIII
Number 2
Spring 1993

Table of Contents for Volume VIII.2
  1. Irony and Isolation: Narrative Distance in Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” by Isacc Rodman3
  2. “New Orleans” and an Aesthetics of Indeterminacy by Chris LaLonde13
  3. Absalom, Absalom! and Rosa Coldfield: Or, What is in the Dark House? by Richard Godden31
  4. Translating the Comic: A Case Study of Sanctuaire by Annick Chapdelaine67
  5. The Mysteries of the Mapmaker: Faulkner, If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem, and the Secret of a Map by Gabriele Gutting85
  6. Senator John Sharp Williams, Phil Stone, and a Postmaster’s Job for Faulkner by Arthur F. Kinney and David Berman95
  7. Contributors101
  8. Text Abbreviations103

Volume VIII CoverVolume VIII
Number 1
Fall 1992

Table of Contents for Volume VIII.1
  1. Faulkner on Lynching by Neil R. McMillen and Noel Polk3
  2. Two Letters about William Faulkner, 1918 by James G. Watson15
  3. A New Configuration of Faulkner’s Feminine: Linda Snopes Kohl in The Mansion by Hee Kang21
  4. “Play” within a Play: Gaming with Language in Requiem for a Nun by Janet Wondra43
  5. Subjectivity and Homelessness in Soldiers’ Pay by Andrew Scoblionko61
  6. Contributors73
  7. Text Abbreviations75

Volume VII CoverFaulkner and Cultural Studies
Volume VII
Numbers 1 and 2
Fall 1991/Spring 1992

Table of Contents for Volume VII.1 and VII.2
  1. Faulkner and Cultural Studies by John T. Matthews5
  2. Toward a “Culturalist” Approach to Faulkner Studies: Making Connections in Flags in the Dust by Karen M. Andrews13
  3. Reading Faulkner Reading Cowley Reading Faulkner: Authority and Gender in the Compson Appendix by Susan V. Donaldson27
  4. Faulkner in French: Humor Obliterated by Annick Chapdelaine43
  5. “A Shape to Fill a Lack”: Absalom, Absalom! and the Pattern of History by Deborah Wilson61
  6. Between the Family and the State: Nomadism and Authority in As I Lay Dying by Patrick O’Donnell83
  7. Watching (Jefferson) Watching: Light in August and the Aestheticization of Gender by Miranda J. Burgess95
  8. Paternalism and Liberalism: Contending Ideologies in Absalom, Absalom! by Kevin Railey115
  9. Signification, Simulation, and Containment in If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem by Charles Hannon133
  10. Go Down, Moses: The Collective Action of redress by Carey Wall151
  11. “How can he be so nothungry?”: Fetishism, Anorexia, and the Disavowal of the Cultural “I” in Light in August by Pamela A. Boker175
  12. Faulkner’s Cartographic Method: Producing the Land through Cognitive Mapping by Marc D. Baldwin193
  13. Contributors215
  14. Text Abbreviations217

Volume VI CoverVolume VI
Number 2
Spring 1991

Table of Contents for Volume VI.2
  1. The Reporter’s Name in Pylon and Why That’s Important by David Yerkes3
  2. At a Loss for Words: Addie and Language in As I Lay Dying by Karen R. Sass9
  3. The Narrator of Faulkner’s “Barn Burning” by Susan S. Yunis23
  4. Temple Defiled: The Brainwashing of Temple Drake in Faulkner’s Sanctuary by Kevin A. Boon33
  5. Sanctuary: Temple as a Parrot by Ulf Kirchdorfer51
  6. Feminization, Masculinization, and the Role of the Woman Patriot in The Unvanquished by June Dwyer55
  7. Absalom, Absalom!: “Fluid Cradle of Events (Time)” by Carolyn N. Slaughter65
  8. Contributors85
  9. Text Abbreviations87

Volume VI CoverVolume VI
Number 1
Fall 1990

Table of Contents for Volume VI.1
  1. Dry River by Mo Yan3
  2. Mo Yan and William Faulkner: Influences and Confluences by M. Thomas Inge15
  3. Go Down, Moses and the Literature of the New World Commemoration by Nancy Dew Taylor25
  4. Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks and William Faulkner’s Satoris as Family Novels by Lothar Hönnighausen33
  5. The Failure of Forensic Storytelling in Sanctuary by Jay Watson47
  6. Man on the Margin: Lucas Beauchamp and the Limitations of Space by Keith Clark67
  7. Contributors81
  8. Text Abbreviations83

Volume V Cover Volume V
Number 2
Spring 1990

Table of Contents for Volume V.2
  1. The Metaphoricity of Memory in Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying by Iorgos Galanos3
  2. Perception is a Sacred Cow: The Narrator and Ike Snopes in William Faulkner’s The Hamlet by William J. Mistichelli15
  3. “Spotted Horses” and Spotted Pups by Allen Ramsey35
  4. Faulkner’s Civil War Women by Jean Mullin Yonke39
  5. Nabokov on Faulkner by Edward A. Malone63
  6. Faulkner’s “What is the Matter with Marriage” by James G. Watson69
  7. Contributors73
  8. Text Abbreviations75

Volume V CoverVolume V
Number 1
Fall 1989

Table of Contents for Volume V.1
  1. The Cost of Single-Mindedness: Consciousness in Sanctuary by Pamela E. Knights3
  2. “Because He Is Watching Me”: Spectatorship and Power in Faulkner’s Light in August by Irene Gammel11
  3. Flags in the Dust, Sartoris, and the Unforeseen Consequences of Editorial Surgery by Philip Cohen25
  4. Editorial Changes in the Chronology of Absalom, Absalom!: A Matter of Life and Death? by Daniel Ferrer45
  5. The Falkners and the University, Mississippi, Post Office by Gerald W. Walton49
  6. An Interview with Malcolm Cowley by Charles A. Peek51
  7. William Faulkner’s “A Song” for Estelle by Donald P. Duclos61
  8. Ben Wasson and the Republication of Faulkner’s Marionettes by Arthur F. Kinney67
  9. Count No ’Count: Ben Wasson’s Long Homage to Faulkner by Arthur F. Kinney73
  10. Contributors81
  11. Text Abbreviations83

Volume IV CoverFaulkner and Feminisms
Volume IV
Numbers 1 and 2
Fall 1988/Spring 1989

Table of Contents for Volume IV.1 and IV.2
  1. Preface by John T. Matthews and Judith Bryant Wittenberg3
  2. William Faulkner as a Lesbian Author by Frann Michel5
  3. Ravished Belles: Stories of Rape and Resistance in Flags in the Dust and Sanctuary by Diane Roberts21
  4. The Psychic Wholeness and Corrupt Text of Rosa Coldfield, “Author and Victim Too” of Absalom, Absalom! by Jenny Jennings Foerst37
  5. Feminism and Faulkner: Second Thoughts or, What’s a radical feminist doing with a canonical male text anyway? by Minrose C. Gwin55
  6. The “Masculinity” of Faulkner’s Thought by Gail L. Mortimer67
  7. Authentic Ghost Stories: Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Absalom, Absalom!, and Beloved by John N. Duvall83
  8. Time, Space and Semiotic Discourse in the Feminization/Disintegration of Quentin Compson by Marsha Warren99
  9. Matricide and the Mother’s Revenge: As I Lay Dying by Doreen Fowler113
  10. Rejection of the Maternal and the Polarization of Gender in The Hamlet by Karen R. Sass127
  11. Faulkner’s Still Life: Art and Abortion in The Wild Palms by Janet Carey Eldred139
  12. The Economy of Desire: Faulkner’s Poetics, from Eroticism to Post-Impressionism by Panthea Reid Broughton159
  13. Was: Jim Hinkle, 1924-1990179
  14. Contributors183
  15. Text Abbreviations185

Volume III Cover
Volume III
Number 2
Spring 1988

Table of Contents for Volume III.2
  1. Ratliff’s Descent From the Buckboard: Tall Tale Techniques in The Hamlet by Patricia R. Schroeder2
  2. The Shattered Glass: The Blank Space of Being in Absalom, Absalom! by Leslie Heywood12
  3. Death by Fiction in Light in August by Brian Richardson24
  4. The Two Nathaniel Burringtons of Light in August by Joan Wylie Hall34
  5. Moving Fast Sideways: A Look at Form and Image in The Unvanquished by Robert Gibb40
  6. On Quentin’s Absence from Caddy’s Tree-Climbing Scene by Webb Salmon48
  7. “A Cheap Idea . . . Deliberately Conceived to Make Money”: The Biographical Context of William Faulkner’s Introduction to Sanctuary by Philip Cohen54
  8. Abbreviations for Texts to be Cited in The Faulkner Journal68

Volume III Cover
Volume III
Number 1
Fall 1987

Table of Contents for Volume III.1
  1. From Old Gold to I.O.U.’s: Ike McCaslin’s Debased Genealogical Coin by Stephen Barker2
  2. Story, Myth, Rite of Passage, and Mosquitoes by Chris LaLonde26
  3. Paternity in Pylon: “Some Little Sign?” by John N. Duvall39
  4. Antisemitism, Humor, and Rage in Faulkner’s The Hamlet by Richard C. Moreland52
  5. Reading and Raping in Sanctuary by Homer B. Pettey71
  6. Abbreviations for Texts to be Cited in The Faulkner Journal85

Volume II CoverFaulkner and the Military
Volume II
Number 2
Spring 1987

Table of Contents for Volume II.2
  1. Editor’s Preface by Jack L. Capps2
  2. Faulkner and the Military: Introductory Address at the West Point Symposium by Joseph Blotner4
  3. The Military as Metaphor by Lothar Hönninghausen12
  4. Response to “The Military as Metaphor” by Noel Polk23
  5. Colonel Faulkner—Prototype and Influence by Donald P. Duclos28
  6. An Episode of War in The Unvanquished by Thomas L. McHaney35
  7. Response to “Colonel Faulkner—Prototype and Influence” and “An Episode of War in The Unvanquished” by Edmond L. Volpe45
  8. Fictional Facts and Factual Fiction: William Faulkner and World War I by Duane J. MacMillan47
  9. Faulkner’s Wounded Art: The Aftermath of Hollywood and World War II by Louis D. Brodsky55
  10. “I Ain’t a Soldier Now”: Faulkner’s World War II Veterans by James B. Carothers67
  11. “The Cambronne Legend”: A Reply To Noel Polk by Calvin S. Brown74
  12. Faulkner at West Point Remembered by Joseph L. Fant75
  13. Abbreviations for Faulkner Texts80

Volume II Cover
Volume II
Number 1
Fall 1986

Table of Contents for Volume II.1
  1. Faulkner’s Self-Portraits by Michel Gresset2
  2. Faulkner’s Map of Time by Elizabeth Duvert14
  3. McCaslin and Macomber: From Green Hills to Big Woods by John M. Howell29
  4. Faulkner’s Miss Emily and Blake’s “Sick Rose”: “Invisible Worm,” Nachlraglichkeit, and Retrospective Gothic by James M. Mellard37
  5. The Chip and The Chink: The Dying of the “I” in As I Lay Dying by Ann Lecercle46
  6. Familiar and Fantastic: Women in Absalom, Absalom! by Deborah L. Clarke62
  7. “Pappy” Faulkner’s Recipe for Curing Pork by Louis Daniel Brodskey73
  8. Abbreviations for Faulkner Texts76

Volume I Cover
Volume I
Number 2
Fall 1986

Table of Contents for Volume I.2
  1. Fusion and Confusion in Light in August by Arnold Weinstein2
  2. Money and Matter in Pylon and The Wild Palms by Karl F. Zender17
  3. The Ironies of Transcendent Love in Faulkner’s The Wild Palms by Gail L. Mortimer30
  4. Bewildered Witness: Temple Drake in Sanctuary by Elisabeth Muhlenfeld43
  5. The Unity of Time in The Sound and the Fury by Bernhard Radloff56
  6. The Mathematical Bequest of Addie Bundren by Charles Chappell69
  7. Some Problems in Faulkner: Three Questions on A Fable by Noel Polk75
  8. Answers to Some of Calvin Brown’s Questions by James Hinkle75
  9. The Faulkner-Djuna Barnes Connection: An Answer for Calvin Brown by Doreen Fowler77
  10. Abbreviations for Faulkner Texts80

Volume I Cover
Volume I
Number 1
Fall 1986

Table of Contents for Volume I.1
  1. “Elder Watson in Heaven”: Poet Faulkner as Satirist by Louis Daniel Brodsky2
  2. Rev. Shegog’s Powerful Voice by Stephen M. Ross8
  3. Terror and Nausea: Bodies in Sanctuary by Andŕe Bleikasten17
  4. “What Leaf-Fring’d Legend Haunts about Thy Shape?”: Light in August and Southern Pastoral by Stephen Hahn30
  5. Distant Mirrors: The Intertextual Relationship of Quentin Compson and Harry Wilbourne by Gary Harrington41
  6. Gender and Generation in Faulkner’s “The Bear” by Patrick McGee46
  7. Some Problems in Faulkner: Words, Sources, and Allusions by Calvin S. Brown55
  8. Abbreviations for Faulkner Texts58

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