Winner of the Western Australia Premiers Award for Digital
Narrative and the Queensland Premiers Award for Poetry
among other distinctions, David P Reiter has been recognised
internationally for his ground-breaking creative works.
Hemingway in Spain and Nullabor Song Cycle began as text works
and later were extended to lms. My Planets: a ctive Memoir as
well began as a physical book and an enhanced CD but then,
in collaboration with the Ban Centre for the Arts in Canada,
became the innovative My Planets Reunion Memoir <http://ipoz.
biz/myplanets>, an interactive website in which text, lm, audio
performances, classical music, astronomy, and animation converge
on a journey from separation to reunion of biological families.
In his latest hybrid work, David creates ‘tweetems’ – text and social
media moments – that immerse the reader/viewer in the timeless
and sometimes surreal experiences of being an emergency and
post-op patient.
Dr Reiter is Publisher/CEO at IP (Interactive Publications) and
lives in Brisbane with his wife, two children, and menagerie of
irreverent pets.
Interactive Press
Timelord Dreaming
Interactive Press
Literature Series
Timelord Dreaming:
tweetems from ward 8b
David P Reiter
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National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication data:
Author: Reiter, David P (David Philip), author.
Title: Timelord dreaming : tweetems from ward 8b /
David P. Reiter.
Publisher: Carindale, Qld. : Interactive Publications, 2015.
ISBN: 9781925231038 (eBook)
Subjects: Hospital care--Poetry.
Instant messaging.
Dewey Number: A821.3
for ‘Dr Who’ and the other dedicated staff at the Mater
Hospital, Brisbane, who left me short of one gangrenous
gallbladder but well on the road to recovery.
This work relies the the sharing of other work that is
freely accessible on the Internet and acknowledges its
sources via URLs provided in hypertext and footnotes.
The author expresses his gratitude to the authors and
artists of those referenced artworks and hopes that the
counterpoint of those with this will give rise to new
appreciative audiences for everyone.
ospital stays are usually the stu of clichés. If youre lucky
enough to survive your stay in Emergency and get admitted
for observation or an operation, and are public enough about
your situation, people will take note and chat with and about
you. Social media makes it so much easier to document your
journey from arrival to departure and points beyond, and for
people to share your experiences. Often these will be friends or
close acquaintances, but sometimes they’ll be “friends” youve
admitted to your network for whatever reason who identify with
your circumstances enough to message you for all to see.
As a patient, you feel your identity slipping away the longer you
remain in hospital. And the older you are, the more likely you’ll
be called ‘love’ or ‘dear’ by time-poor nurses and orderlies. In
the articial light and the drip-haze of medication, time and the
senses blur and surreality takes hold. e mind tries to latch onto
fragments of the familiar and even these dissolve without a drug
free eort to capture them.
I decided to invent a new form to recreate and reect on these
fragments, what I call the tweetem. It’s a cross between Japanese
forms like the tanka and the character-limited tweet. Each
tweetem must be self-contained, with a kick in the tail at the
end, in 140 characters or less. Whether or not this new form
endures, or is even tolerated from the beginning to the ending of
the work at hand is up to you.
e overall narrative is under compression, as I’ve said, but it
has the kinetic potential to expand associatively if you pursue
the many hyperlinks (diversions) oered. is is easier if youre
viewing the digital version but still rewarding if youve opted for
the physical book and have an Internet device at hand.
And, yes, the Timelord I met in the haze and half-light was
real, and I trust that he will one day sidestep out of his parallel
universe long enough to meet his more infamous other.
– David P Reiter
4D Print from the Tardis
‘Worse than childbirth
EW – Sunday, midnight
So twentieth c ultra
Blood secret business
Dalek lock-on – Monday, 01:00hrs
e Watchtower – 04:00
Dr Who to ultra – 07:30
Google Maps from jelly – 07:45
Do not pass Go
My endone goddess
Day Nurse 1
Night Watchtower
I close my eyes
Day Nurse 2
e mind recoils
Nil by mouth
State of play – 10:05
Spare no expense
Holding pattern
in red laser
And the winner is
A betting man
Understated access channel
Sign here
Strings that unbind
“Crack your cheeks…”
10… 9… 8…
Dream option 1
Dream option 2
Dream option 3
Short-term loss
Night Nurse 1
Like candy
White bread at dawn
Day Nurse 1
Involuntary things
Little surprises
Shue the deck again
DVT and other distractions
Who is the fairest
In state
Vegie options
Secret patients business
Who needs pay tv
As if youre not here
Night Nurse 1
A poem in it
‘Well-organised’ swellings
Splendid solitary
Lonely white bread
Negative increments
Of a certain age
Tardis awaits
Catching breath
Postop remix
Son overtakes
Foreign objects
Harmonic objects
Postop blues 1
Postop 2
Dr Who, skates on
My parallel universe
Timelord Dreaming:
tweetems from ward 8b
Ticking boxes: ‘is he still conscious?
When did his
#chest pains, shortness of breath, begin?
Please secure all dogs & attack guinea pigs.’