1. Everyday Chica by Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés
  2. Oye What I'm Gonna Tell You by Milanés
  3. Mud Song by Terry Thaxton
  4. The Night We Set the Dead Kid on Fire by Ephraim
  5. Marielitos, Balseros and Other Exiles by Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés
Department of English Graduate Programs
Kevin Meehan

Kevin Meehan, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from University of Maryland (1996)
  • B.A. in Philosophy from Georgetown University (1984)

Research Interests

  • Caribbean Literature and Culture
  • African American Literature and Culture
  • Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development
  • Popular Music in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Recent Research Activities

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Selected Publications


  • People Get Ready: African American and Caribbean Cultural Exchange. Jackson, MS: University of Mississippi Press, 2009.


  • Forthcoming “Strengthening Food Security with Sustainable Practices by Smallholder Farmers in Lesser Developed Economies.” Forthcoming in Agricultural Development and Food Security in Developing Nations. Eds., Wayne Ganpat and Wendy-Ann Isaac. Hershey, PA: IGI Global Publishing. 15,000 words.  With Leighton Naraine et al.
  • “James, C.L.R.” Major author entry in The Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies, eds., Sangeeta

    Ray and Henry Schwarz. London: Blackwell Publishing, 2016. Blackwell Reference Online and https://www.academia.edu/25468796/_C.L.R._James_Entry_in_Encyclopedia_of_Postcolonial_Studies_


  • “Agricultural Diversification and Non-Traditional Systems for Sustainable Food Production.” In Agricultural Diversification in the Caribbean, ed., Wayne Ganpat.  Kingston: Ian Randle and University of the West Indies Press, 2015: 299-360.  With Leighton Naraine et al.  

  • “DIY Noise and Compositional Horizons: Indie Musicians and Promoters in the Age of Digital Reproduction.”  Civilisations 13 (2014): 51-73.  With Billy Geoghegan.

  • “Man-Made Disasters: Viewing Mt. Pelée After Katrina and the Haiti Earthquake.” Small Axe SX Salon 12  (May 2013) http://smallaxe.net/wordpress3/discussions/2013/05/27/manmade-disasters/

  • “‘Bifurcated Mobility’?  Telecommunication, Globalization, and International Service-Learning.”  Faculty Focus 9:3: (2010): 10-11.  http://www.fctl.ucf.edu/Publications/FacultyFocus/content/2010/2010_october.pdf

  • “Caribbean Literature and Popular Culture.” Understanding the Contemporary Caribbean. Eds., Richard Hillman and Thomas D’Agostino. Boulder, CO: Lynne Reinner, 2003. 305-332. With Paul Miller. Revised and reprinted for second edition, 2008.

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