1. The Night We Set the Dead Kid on Fire by Ephraim
  2. Everyday Chica by Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés
  3. Marielitos, Balseros and Other Exiles by Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés
  4. Oye What I'm Gonna Tell You by Milanés
Department of English Graduate Programs
Obi Nwakanma

Obi Nwakanma, Ph.D.

Poet, journalist, biographer and literary critic, Obi Nwakanma was born in Nigeria. Thirsting for Sunlight, his biography of the tragic modernist poet, Christopher Okigbo, was published by James Currey (UK) in 2010. His collection of poems, The Horsemen & Other Poems, was published by Africa World Press (New Jersey) in 2007. Nwakanma’s first collection of poems, The Roped Urn, was awarded the Cadbury Prize in 1996 by the Association of Nigerian Authors, and he received the Walter J. Ong Award for Distinguished Achievement in 2008 from Saint Louis University. His poetry, fiction and essays have appeared in various anthologies and publications including Okike, Vanguard Review, Callaloo, and Wasafiri. His poetry has been translated into Spanish, Dutch, German, and Turkish. Obi Nwakanma has also worked as a professional journalist, reporting internationally for Newsweek, Neue Zurcher Zeitung, and as Group Literary editor for the Vanguard, one of the major national newspapers in Nigeria, for which he continues to write a weekly column, “The Orbit” in the Sunday Vanguard. He is currently working on a novel, a new collection of poems, and a book on The Mbari Movement, Transnationalism and Modern African Literature.


  • Ph.D. in English from Saint Louis University, Missouri
  • M.F.A. in Poetry from Washington University in St. Louis
  • B.A. in English from University of Jos, Nigeria (1989)


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Course Number Course Title Mode Date and Time Syllabus
91288 LIT6039 Studies in Contemporary Poetry Face2Face M,W 6:00PM - 7:15PM Not Online
This class is an intensive poetry workshop for advanced students in the MFA Creative Writing program. It offers workshop and presentation for practicing writers, and aims at inspiring students to examine, adopt, and develop the voice and cadence of the poetic art in an original way, and absorb new approaches to writing poetry. While this workshop expects the quest for originality, it does also seek to examine the traditions of the poetic craft based on the examples of certain established poets across time, frontiers, and national divides. The workshop is, in other words, not only designed to encourage a critical approach in examining and practicing poetry as craft, and in its various modes of representation, it also aims to deepen the discussion of the craft in terms of the range of modalities and styles of poetry, from the national to the international; from the modern to the contemporary with which students are expected to engage. Students will have the opportunity of presenting their works and receiving critique and supportive feedback on their work from their peers within the frame of the workshop environment. In this instance, students will be required to prepare in advance well-written comments on their peer’s work in progress for the workshop. Students will meet the Professor individually two times in the semester: first, early in the semester to discuss an outline of their work and towards the end of the semester to discuss their final project plans, which would be a ten-page collection of original poems (i.e. at least ten new poems developed in the course of the semester.) The final portfolio will be evaluated based on the final quality and range of the writing done in the semester and through the workshop.

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