1. People Get Ready by Kevin Meehan
  2. The Historicism of Charles Brockden Brown by Mark L. Kamrath
  3. The Society of S by Susan Hubbard
  4. Problem Novels by Anna Maria Jones
  5. Oye What I'm Gonna Tell You by Milanés
  6. Collecte Writings of Charles Brockden Brown edited by Mark L. Kamrath
  7. Transversal Ecocritical Praxis by Patrick D. Murphy
  8. The Terrible Wife by Terry Thaxton
  9. Elegant Punk by Darlin Neal
  10. Everyday Chica by Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés
  11. Lizard Man by David James Poissant
  12. Intercultural Communication by Houman Sadri and Madelyn Flammia
  13. Crossing The Creek by Anna Lillios
  14. As If, poems by Russ Kesler
  15. Getaway Girl by Terry Thaxton
  16. The Zero Theorem by Pat Rushin
  17. Mud Song by Terry Thaxton
  18. The Year of Disappearances by Susan Hubbard
  19. Ecocritical Explorations in Literary and Cultural Studies by Patrick D. Murphy
  20. Marielitos, Balseros and Other Exiles by Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés
  21. Rattlesnakes and the Moon by Darlin Neal
  22. Virtual Teams in Higher Education by Flammia
  23. According to the Gospel of Haunted Women
  24. The Flight of the Kuaka by Donald Stap
  25. The Season of Risks by Susan Hubbard
  26. Drawing on the Victorians, edited by Anna Maria Jones
  27. The Rhetorical Nature of XML by J.D. Applen and Rudy McDaniel
  28. Getaway Girl by Terry Thaxton
  29. The Heaven of Animals by James Poissant
  30. Writing for the Web: Composing, •Coding, and Constructing Web Sites
  31. Innocence, Heterosexuality, and the Queerness of Children’s Literature by Tison Pugh
Madelyn Flammia

Madelyn Flammia, Ph.D.

Dr. Flammia's research interests include international technical communication, visual communication,and global virtual teams. Dr. Flammia has given presentations on intercultural communication at professional conferences and for corporate audiences. She is the co-author of Intercultural Communication: A New Approach to International Relations and Global Challenges and the editor of the Society for Technical Communication anthology, Perspectives on the Profession of Technical Communication.


  • Ph.D. from Rutgers University

Research Interests

  • International Technical Communication
  • Virtual Teams
  • Visual Communication
  • Document Design and Layout
  • Publication and Production
  • International Studies
  • Global citizenship

Recent Research Activities

Dr. Flammia is conducting research on virtual teams and collaborative work with two professors at the University of Limerick in LImerick, Ireland. In 2016, she published a book on teaching culture and communication in global contexts. Dr. Flammia is currently working on the second edition of her book, Intercultural Communication: A New Approach to International Relations and Global Challenges.

Selected Publications


  • Madelyn Flammia, Yvonne Cleary, and Darina M. Slattery. Virtual Teams in Higher Education: A Handbook for Students and Teachers. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 2016.

  • Kirk St. Amant and Madelyn Flammia, Eds. Teaching and Training for Global Engineering: Perspectives on Culture and Professional Communication Practices. Piscataway, NJ: Wiley/IEEE Press, 2016. 

  • Houman Sadri and Madelyn Flammia, Intercultural Communication: A New Approach to International Relations and Global Challenges, Continuum International Publishing, March 2011.


  • Madelyn Flammia, “WAC or WAG:  Should Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Be Expanded to Writing Across the Globe (WAG)?” College Composition and Communication, (2015), Vol. 66, No.4, pp. 700-705.

  • Madelyn Flammia, “Preparing Students for the Virtual Workplace: Overcoming Communication, Management, Technology, and Cultural Challenges,” EdTechnology Ideas Journal, (2014), Volume 1, Issue 3.

  • Madelyn Flammia and Houman Sadri, “Using an Interdisciplinary Course to Teach Intercultural Communication: Helping Students and Faculty Bridge Disciplinary Divides” Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics, (2014), Vol. 12, No. 2, pp. 21-26. (Selected from best proceedings papers at the 2014 International Conference on Society and Information Technologies.)

Book Sections/Chapters

  • Madelyn Flammia and Kirk St. Amant, “Leadership in Globally Distributed Virtual Teams:  Redefining the Qualities of an Effective Leader and Strategies for Effective Management,” Collaborative Communication Processes and Decision Making in Organizations, Eds. Ephraim Nikoi and Kwasi Boateng. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2013, 140-157. Refereed: International.

  • Madelyn Flammia.Using the Cultural Challengesof Virtual Team Projects to Prepare Students for Global Citizenship, Computer-MediatedCommunication across Cultures: International Interactions in Online Environments. Eds. Kirk St.Amant and Sigrid Kelsey. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2012. 328-343.


  • 2017 Society for Technical Communication (STC) Jay R. Gould Award for Excellence in Teaching Technical Communication
  • 2015 UCF SOTL
  • 2014 NCTE Scientific and Technical Communication Award
  • 2010 UCF SOTL Award
  • 2009 UCF Internationalization Award
  • 2009 UCF TIP Award


Vice President, International Policy and Analysis Center


Course Number Course Title Mode Date and Time Syllabus
10707 ENC4215 Tech Publication Project Mgmt World Wide Web (W) Not Online

PR: Grade of C (2.0) or better required in ENC 3241 or C.I.

ENC 4215 focuses on the elements of page design and layout and demonstrates how general principles of design can be applied to specific projects and rhetorical situations. Students will learn about typography, graphic elements, and document production. Students will also create an online portfolio of their work by the end of the semester. 

11232 ENC4262 Int Technical Communication World Wide Web (W) Not Online

ENC 4262 focuses on the development of documentation for international audiences. Students will learn to address the challenges of communicating across cultures; they will learn to prepare documentation for translation and to create visuals for global audiences. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a global virtual team project with college students in Ireland and France. 

11581 ENC6297 Production & Publication Meth World Wide Web (W) Not Online

ENC 6297: Production and Publication Methods (Flammia)

ENC 6297 covers all aspects of the production of technical documents including typography, visual rhetoric, layout and design, and planning and managing publication projects. Students will learn about international issues in document design and production and will gain experience in usability testing and quality metrics. Students will work on real-world projects and will also conduct research on production and publication methods.

Course Number Course Title Mode Date and Time Syllabus
91280 ENC6938 Special Topics World Wide Web (W) Not Online

ENC 6938: International Technical Communication (Flammia)

ENC 6938 focuses on the development of documentation for international audiences. Students will learn to address the challenges of communicating across cultures; they will learn to conduct an international audience analysis and to prepare documentation for translation. Students will also learn to create visuals for global audiences. They will have the opportunity to collaborate with graduate students at European universities.

81435 ENG6947 Intrn in Texts & Technology World Wide Web (W) Not Online
No Description Available
Course Number Course Title Mode Session Date and Time Syllabus
61366 ENC6292 Project Mgmt for Tech Writers World Wide Web (W) C Not Online

ENC 6292: Project Management for Technical Writers (Flammia)

ENC 6292 covers all phases of the management of documentation projects from planning through production. Students will learn about each phase of the publications-development life cycle with an emphasis on managing for quality. They will review case studies in publications management and will research current management theory. Students will also gain experience by working on documentation projects. 

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