The purpose of this annual symposium is to capture a snapshot of the intergenerational and multifaceted contributions of students, alumni, and faculty to our dynamic learning community. In this one-day event, we seek not only to highlight the importance of the humanities in the university but also to foster a sense of shared discourse and intellectual collaboration and to celebrate all the different kinds of work that we do.

2019: Identities Remixed

Literary, cultural, and textual theories reveal how identities are situated, constituted, intersecting, fluid, shifting and fragmented. This conference considers how writers, readers and texts navigate the dimensions of identity through narrative, poetry, theory, and texts.

Pedagogical, critical and creative approaches to the conference theme include:

  • Identities in performance, construction, and pressure
  • Multimodal expressions and repressions of identity
  • Transnational, expatriate, exile, and marginal and hybrid identities
  • Cis-gendered identities, LBGTQ+ identities
  • Geopolitical or posthuman identities
  • Identities and rhetorical literacies
  • Embodied and spacial identities
  • Materialities and identities
  • Special panel on Zora Neale Hurston’s Dust Tracks on a Road

Past Symposia

2018: Breaking Boundaries & Making Spaces (Event Program)

2017: Agents & Agency (Event Program)

2016: Dislocation / Discovery (Event Program)

2015: Becoming (De) Familiarized (Event Program)

2014: The Other that is (Not) Me (Event Program)

2013: Consuming Objects (Event Program)

2012: Reimagining Subjects (Event Program)